Cutco 2018 Homemaker +8 Set and Storage Block: Product Review

Product Review:  Cutco Homemaker +8 Set with Wood Storage Block

My Rating:  Image of 5 stars

Audience:  Anyone who cooks.

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About Cutco

Cutco has been offering American-made knives since 1949.  These knives are known for their high quality and their “forever guarantee”.  You can read about this if you like on their website.

I’ve been a fan of Cutco knives for over 12 years, ever since I purchased my first set from a personable college student who worked for Vector Marketing to help fund his college.  (That young man is now my son-in-law and father to three of my precious grandchildren).

My knives have lasted for years now and once I got past my fear of using such a sharp instrument, I have grown to truly love them and enjoy having them in my kitchen.

Over the years I have added to my Cutco products but this Homemaker set has my main cutting tools for my cooking.

I have the 18-Piece Homemaker set myself and the storage block.  The knives are sharp and make cutting and food prep work go fast in my kitchen.  The Oak Storage Block sits proudly on my kitchen counter, keeping the knives handy for my use.

This set includes:

  • Oak Honey Finish Storage Block
  • 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife
  • 2-3/4″ Paring Knife
  • Trimmer
  • Butcher Knife
  • 9″ Carving Knife
  • 9-3/4″ Slicing Knife
  • Tuning Fork
  • Carving Fork
  • 6-3/4″ Petite Carver
  • Spatula Spreader
  • 8 Table Knives

All knives have a classic brown handle

See a diagram of which slots are for the different knives.

Price:  This price on the link above is a great price.  You might get it cheaper from a Vector Marketing representative but you will sit through the show and tell and attempts to sell you more of their great products (they are great and you will be tempted to purchase even more).

I give this product a 5-Star rating without any hesitation on my part and certainly recommend this product.


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