Gout Prevention Salad #1

My New Gout Prevention Salad #1

After recently experiencing my first “gout” attack and dealing with that extreme pain and discomfort for over two weeks,  and deciding to treat myself with gout treatments that are natural, I have decided to eat a low purine gout diet.  Yesterday I created my first “Gout Prevention Salad #1″.

I decided to use some of the natural low purine foods in that salad.  These foods help your body get rid of the excess Uric Acids that cause gout.


Cherry tomatoes – sliced in half: 1 cup

Celery: washed and sliced in 1/8 inch chunks:  3 stalks

Purple Onion – sliced and diced:  1 onion

Cucumber – peeled, sliced and diced:  1 large

Feta Cheese crumbles:  1 cup

Banana, peeled and sliced into 1/4 Inch chunks: 1 banana

Olive oil: 2-4 tablespoons

Tumeric: 1.5 tablespoons


Cutting Board

Cutco Knives for peeling and chopping (I specifically used my Cutco 6-3/4″ Petite Carver)

Mixing bowl with lid (so I can shake the contents)

Serving bowls and forks


  1. Prepare all the ingredients and place all but feta cheese, banana and turmeric in mixing bowl
  2. Drizzle with all the olive oil and then mix together well.
  3. Dip salad into 3-4 bowls and sprinkle with some of the feta cheese, turmeric powder and sliced banana.
  4. Serve


Makes 3-4 side salads


I offer this salad recipe free to those in need.

Image of Gout Prevention Salad #1

Served with water (with Uricel drops added) and turkey sandwich on wheat bread)


I welcome your comments and questions, please leave them below. – shirley

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  • Danny

    Wow, gout attack sounds nasty. I’m glad you found a way to deal with them naturally! Are these ingredients all essential, or can we mix and match a little? For example, I’m not a massive fan of tomatoes within salads; can I swap them out for a different fruit? 

    This looks like a cool recipe that would be pretty fast and easy to do, thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      Danny, thanks for your comment.  yes you can certainly switch out other anti-inflammatory food items and those low in purine.  I’ll be adding more recipes and a list of anti-inflammatory foods to the site soon.  Sign up for my email list so you will be notified with I have updates to the site. Thanks again for your comment. – Shirley

  • Chris Towers

    This is excellent information and 99% of the time, even if you seek medical attention, a doctor will almost always advise you to follow a good diet. This is not only for Gout, but for many different issues.

    I see the recipe you have out together here for Gout Prevention, and wanted to ask, aside from the ingredients you mention, is there anything that we should avoid using?

    From what I can see, most of these items are readily available, but did not want to incorporate something else which may hinder recovery.

    I look forward to hearing your reply. Well done on this amazing and helpful site. I enjoyed my visit.



    • admin

      Chris, I’ve been researching this and found these things help with gout prevention:  drink more water, eat anti-inflammatory foods (I will be adding a new post about that soon to the site) you can sign up for my email list to learn when I post more.  Celery and bananas, are for sure good as well as black cherries.  Vitamin C and magnesium is great.  Sprinkling food with tumeric and cumin can help.  I also have purchased Uricel drops online to help. I’m trying to reduce my sugar, soft drink, white bread, potatoes and processed food intake as well (both for gout prevention and to help with my diabetes). Thanks again for your comment.

  • Jurgen

    My dad has this form of arthritis for God knows how many years. I’m always looking for some great recipes like this one, so I can help him a bit. This one looks very tasty as my dad loves bananas.

    Do you have other recipes I can present him with? Thank you in advance!

    • admin

      Jurgen.  Thanks for your comment and your question.  i love to receive both and try to respond as quickly as I can.  I will be adding more salad recipes and posts on healthy eating and more about anti-inflammatory foods.  You can sign up for my email list to be notified when there is new information on the site.  Thanks again for your comment. – Shirley

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