Cookbook Layout

How to Layout My Cookbook

I’ve been considering how many recipes and how to break them up for my cookbook.

I think I may shoot for 50 different salad recipes, plus several dressing recipes.  That’s a good number and will make for a good size cookbook. Plus I want every salad to be healthy and either paleo or whole30 compliant.

As for breaking the recipes up, I think I should divide them into certain categories:

  • Salads with Meats (or main courses)
  • Salads with Seafood
  • Salad with vegetables
  • Salads with Fruit (or dessert salads)
  • Salad Dressings

I would also like to include a section on the kitchen tools I use to make my salads.

In addition, I think I need to include a grocery list of the types of food I like to purchase to use in my salads.


I welcome your comments and questions.  Fill free to share below:

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