The Top Amazing Hard Boiled Egg Peeler!


I finally found the hard boiled egg peeler I’ve been looking for and I am SO HAPPY!

Many of my salads require hard boiled eggs as part of the recipe and let’s face it “I hate to peel hard boiled eggs”.  It is so frustrating to try to peel the hard boiled egg shell and end up with a horrible looking peeled egg.  I tend to really dread creating salads with eggs as part of the recipe.  So, I’ve been looking for a solution to peeling hard boiled eggs easily and consistently without tearing chunks out of the cooked egg and making it ugly.

Several weeks ago I ordered a “solution” online and tried the ones that you crack the egg, put it in a capsule, seal it and place it in a pan of boiling water.  Unfortunately for me, that didn’t work.

Even though I sprayed the inside with oil before adding the egg contents, I found the egg stuck to the inside and was extremely hard to clean out.  I tried and tried to soak and clean the cooked egg from the inside of the capsule with no success;  I finally just threw them away.  I also had problems with the capsules turning over in the pan of boiling water.  UGH! not the solution I had hoped.  This was one for the trash.

However, I knew I did still want to find a solution to help me peel the shells from my hard-boiled eggs.  So I continued to research and look for a solution.

My next product to try was the Negg Boiled Egg Peeler.  I read the many nice reviews on the product and decided to order it. There are other versions besides the Negg one, but it seemed like a favorite and was not too cheap.

I ordered the red one.  (They come in red, black and white from other suppliers too)  It was a decent price and came in quickly with my Amazon Prime 2-day shipping (I LOVE AMAZON PRIME AND THE QUICK SHIPPING)

I tried it yesterday on six hard boiled eggs and AMAZINGLY it worked great.  The first egg I shook too much and it came out a little deformed.  But the other 5 eggs (which I did not shake as vigorously, peeled very easily).  I found this so AMAZING!  In fact, I’m going to buy my two sisters and my daughter one of these as a gift.

I highly recommend this little tool, to help make the job of peeling hard-boiled eggs much easier and a lot less frustrating.



Here are some different brands I haven’t tried because I was so happy with the NEGG hard boiled egg peeler:



The instructions for use are pretty simple:

  • Boil your eggs in a pan as you usually do.
  • Simply add a little water (Negg capful) to the container (Negg shaker) and place your hard-boiled egg in the NEGG.
  • Put the top cap (it snaps on) to seal it.
  • Then you just SHAKE the Negg up and down with enough force so that the egg strikes the caps. Do this gently or you may end up with a “MESS”.  (I was too vigorous my first egg and it turned out deformed)
  • Shake 4 to 12 times. Timing will vary.  The container is clear which allows you to see what is happening to the shell.
  • You should see the white of the egg appear through the cracked shell, You can stop shaking now.
  • Remove the cap and the egg from the NEGG.
  • The egg will then slip out of its shell easily
  • NOTE:  with extremely fresh eggs (not the norm), you may have to break the thin membrane to peel the shell from it.


With the Easter Holiday coming soon, This will be a valuable tool when you start eating those beautiful Easter eggs.

I am extremely happy with my NEGG hard boiled egg peeler.  I plan to use it a lot and gift it to my family for them to enjoy too.  There are other brands similar that I haven’t tried but I know I like the NEGG Brand, and I definitely recommend it.


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