Cucumber, Tomato and Baby Spinach Leaf Salad

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Cucumber Tomato and Baby Spinach Leaf Salad

A few days ago I was needing a simple and easy dinner to prepare that didn’t take very long.

So basically baked fish sticks and a salad was my answer.  I found the frozen fish sticks in my freezer from when I thought my grandsons were going to visit but the trip fell through.  So here was my chance to use them.

I put the frozen fish sticks in the oven and started work on the salad.  It was pretty simple and easy to chop and mix.  I love my Pampered Chef Salad Chopper by the way!



Image of Cucumber-tomato-salad-4Baby Spinach Leaves -about 3-4 cups

Cucumber – 1 large, peeled and diced

Grape/Plum tomatoes – washed, cut into halves or thirds about 19 grapes (about 3/4 cup)

Onion, White – 1/2, diced

Image of Cucumber-tomato saladBlueberries – washed well, about 1 cup

Olive Oil – 3 tablespoons to drizzle

Shredded Cheddar cheese – 3/4 cup

Already prepared ranch dressing – Marzetti classic Ranch Dressing – to individual taste

A little salt and ground black pepper

Purchased Dressing

I enjoy Marzetti’s classic Ranch dressing which has no preservatives and very little fat or carbs.

Image of Marzetti Ranch Dressing Bottle Image of Marzetti Ranch Dressing Ingredient List


Serves 4-6.



  • Place all ingredients except cheese in bowl, seal and shake to mix
  • Seal with lid and refrigerate until time to serve
  • Right before serving, remove lid, place shredded cheese, seal and mix again.
  • You can drizzle more olive oil or use some of the Marzetti Ranch Dressing – whichever you prefer.
  • Serve immediately

Serves 6-8

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I offer this salad and dressing recipe free to those in need.



I enjoy getting comments and questions.  Please leave yours below. – Shirley

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